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Lancaster, PA


It's difficult to get this page info started; the woman we are talking about is my abuela. She is our family matriarch, the center of our holidays, the one we want to make proud. She has shown us all the true meaning of love and loyalty towards family. I call her Abuela, so I will continue addressing her as Abuela as I write this story. Recently, we were told that our abuela was diagnosed with cancer. She lives with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and the three of them will need all the help they can get in the coming weeks and months as we walk through this illness with her. Abuela will need more than just prayers; she'll need encouragement, phone calls, visits, food, transportation, financial help, and much more. We are going to organize what we can. Please consider giving financially in addition to any time you can give to being with her. This can be a central location for that organization.

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