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Lashing Out At Lymphoma: Fight Like A Girl

McMinnville, OR


Message From Marissa: Alright, guys a bit of news. On March 1st I had a doctor's appointment because I hadn’t been feeling well and was advised to go to the ER. While at the ER they had a chest X-ray and two CTs done on me and figured that some of the lymph nodes in my neck and chest were pretty swollen so they ended up admitting me to the hospital. I ended up having another CT done and they wanted to go in for a biopsy to see what exactly was going on. I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 4. I started treatment on 03/17/2021 - all of this has happened very fast and is very overwhelming for not only me but everyone around me. If you have any questions I will try to answer them as best as I can but please also understand that I’m not going to want to talk about it all the time. I love the support and love that I’m receiving through all of this and appreciate everyone's help but also want to try and stay somewhat independent (I’m just stubborn like that). I started Chemo I’m not going to be allowed a lot of visitors just because of COVID and other precautions we want to take. I’ll try to update people threw out this process but please be understanding if I forget a few people. I also understand the road ahead of me is going to be full of ups, downs, loopy loops, and sometimes just a straight path. I’ll try to always accept a FaceTime/phone call from those who can’t be here with me or live out of state but again please understand that this isn’t going to be easy on me or my family. And I’m just very very tired. My mom and dad can try to answer questions as well. If you want to send me something please don’t send flowers, they make my allergies flare up and make it hard to breathe; instead a nice blanket, coloring books, cozy clothes, or even making a meal for my family of nine to try and lessen the stress. Thank you for being understanding and supportive through this.

Special Notes

Delivery is open, there is always someone at home these days. Please just give us a heads up. Typically dinner is between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. In bed by 9. Please NO spices; everyone can add spice as needed. Marissa is not doing great with garlic, so bland is great! Succulents are preferred over fresh flowers due to allergies Music, games, coloring books, audiobooks, blankets, socks are all welcome! Any questions, please just ask. Thank you for your love and support!

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