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Hans Mak

Puyallup, WA


It was recently discovered that our awesome friend and much-loved family member, Hans Mak, has melanoma. Tumors were discovered in his brain and lower right lung. They are working with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to ensure he gets the best treatments possible while caring for the quality of his life. We are being as specific as possible because we need your prayers and healing thoughts to be specific for Hans, as well as for Ellen. We need to be as positive for them as we can as we grasp this news in shock. Let's rally around them in the most kind, graceful, and loving way possible. Please use this site for updates, sign up to help in some way (opportunities will be populated on the calendar), send your positive thoughts and words of encouragement (see the feedback area below the calendar) and share the site with others if you know Hans would benefit from them knowing (friends, those who pray or are spiritual, prayer chains, people who will help to send healing, loving, kind thoughts/messages). Thank you for being Hans/Ellen's caring support village for this loving family who has supported all of us so fiercely over the years.

Special Notes

Please know that Ellen and Hans love all of you and appreciate when they can hear your voice and see you. Please schedule times for a visit through Ellen (253-380-4767). Right now Hans is taking insulin (due to the steriod messing with his blood sugar) so please watch the sugar and carbs if you make a meal. This doesn't mean he doesn't like flavor and he has a decent appetite right now. Please look at the calendar for opportunities to make them something or have food delivered (reach out to Ellen first before having food delivered). If you have questions, please send me an email through this site. Thank you for being there for this beautiful couple and their nearly 3-year old grandson, Axel, whom they are raising.

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