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Team Melia - Helping the Hiatts

Broken Arrow, OK


This is Melanie's original fb post from May 22, 2021: This is a post you wish you would never have to make, but here goes. This beautiful brave girl is embarking on a journey that was not part of the plan a little more than a week ago. Melia had been experiencing some pain in her left shoulder on and off for a couple of months which we attributed to some sort of soft tissue injury. Toward the end of that time it became more consistent and we conferred with a couple of friends who were in the medical field and they agreed that was probably the case as well. It got worse instead of better, so, I took her to the pediatrician who referred us on to an Orthopedic surgeon because she also believed it was some sort of soft tissue injury. Which is where the journey really begins. Melia and I went to see the specialist on Friday, May 14th. We spoke with the PA and they took Melia for an x-ray. The doctor came in and asked Melia a few questions, then showed us the x-ray and said that there was a mass on her left humorous bone that he believed was cancer. He said he had already texted a specialist in Oklahoma City her information and that I needed to get her in to see him (two things noted, doctors don’t normally say cancer unless they are sure and doctors don’t normally text other doctors a referral. He’s got some serious concerns.). So, after numerous calls to insurance, on Wednesday of this week Dan, Melia and I headed to Oklahoma City. She had an MRI and we meet with the oncology surgeon who, based on the x-ray and MRI, confirmed what the first doctor said. He believed it is osteosarcoma. We returned to Oklahoma City the following day where Melia had a bone biopsy and they put in a port with the plan that she would be receiving treatment through it. The preliminary pathology showed that it was osteosarcoma, so, they admitted her to Children’s hospital in order to fast track additional testing. Melia and I spent the night, and Friday morning she had a PET scan and an Echo. Dan rejoined us and we met with the oncology team. Pathology confirmed that it is osteosarcoma and the PET scan showed that it was contained (PRAISE GOD!!!). The plan for her treatment will be chemo/surgery/chemo. Which will all start on Tuesday. To say we were shocked is an incredible understatement. Never in our wildest dreams did we see this coming. From the first specialist visit to diagnosis and treatment plan was one weeks time (this has been the longest week of our lives). What a difference a day or a week can make! This girl has amazed me! She has handled it all with such courage and grace! More than I would have ever had at 14. She has an amazing group of friends that are super supportive and will be a lifeline for her over the following months. One thing I learned in the first couple of days of all of this going down…we are made to live in community!!!! The number of friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers that have texted, called, brought food, offered to help, and prayed and prayed and prayed for us is overwhelming. I know most of you had no idea what was going on, but we didn’t want to post officially on fb until we had a diagnosis. For those of you that didn’t know any details, now you can pray specifically. So, now the work starts, it will not define her story, but will be a chapter in her story. When you think of her, please pray!!! I know that has been what has allowed us to keep functioning all week. Prayer! It has been tangible. There is no other explanation for the peace that we have felt in the midst of all of the other emotions. I know a lot of you believe in miracles and that’s what we are believing for!!! Pray for her total and complete healing. Pray for her to not have side effects from the chemo. Pray that the mass will shrink quickly. Pray for strength physically and emotionally. Pray for wisdom for her whole medical team. Pray that God will move so quickly and mightily that the medical team won’t be able to explain it. We have already experienced some sweet "God moments" in the midst of this. Even as special as God having an old friend sitting in the waiting room at the first specialists office when I walked out after just hearing that she had a mass on her bone to give me a hug and pray with me right there in the waiting room, to having another friend reach out without knowing what was going on whose son had been down a similar path a month before. This is not going to be a sprint, this is going to be a marathon. For those of you that think that you don’t want to message or text or call because we are busy and you don’t want bother us…that is not the case, we want to hear from you. Those texts and messages have meant everything to us. You guys are the best!!! Love you!

Special Notes

Thank you so much for supporting the Hiatts.  Melia and Melanie will be staying in Oklahoma City for several days a week during Melias treatment weeks and surgery.  Dan will be back and forth.  We are scheduling 2 "home cooked" meals a week at this time,.  Any gift cards for restaurants or groceries would be greatly appreciated.     You can select gift cards from the wishlist, or sign up for meals or prayer through the care calendar. More than anything else...PLEASE PRAY FOR MELIA!!!! 

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