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Supporting Dave

Plainville, MA


Hi friends, Our Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just before Thanksgiving. He started treatment at Dana Farber right away. Sadly he did not respond well to the chemo. Besides making him deathly ill, the mass and liver lesions are still growing. Dad sees no point in continuing the chemo as the side effects were so brutal. They expect he's got about 6 months. His daughters are taking turns at his place to provide 24 hour care, and trying to keep up with our own full time jobs, as well. Thank G-d for the newer flexibility offered to work from home when necessary!! We appreciate you keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers, and for any assistance you can offer in terms of dinners.

Special Notes

Dad is only accepting family visits at this time due to COVID19. Please text us ahead of time if you are dropping by with food or gift cards. Cassandra: 617-512-2682 Dad's address: 248 South St, Plainville. Corner of Rte 1A and Hawthorne. Driveway & side porch is on Hawthorne.

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