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Shoreline, WA


Welcome to the world precious Aldo Jesus and Aaliyah Jules. You are loved so much already! This page was created with love and support for our wonderful Sophy and her growing family. A Little story to help understand the importance of any help and support. Sweet Aldo is currently in the NICU at childrens, and will be there for at least the next few months. During pregnancy he was diagnosed with Gastroschisis (intestines on the outside of his stomach instead of inside) this condition requires surgery within hours of birth. During pregnancy he was monitored weekly to watch his growth. On February 8th, Early Labor began and a cesarean delivery was necessary. Aldo was born weighing 3lbs. 6oz and taken immediately to childrens hospital to stabilize him, evaluate and prepare for his surgery. Sophy did not get a moment to see him before he was rushed away. Thankfully, Surgery was a success and So far he is doing great! But he will need lots of time to grow, adapt and hit all the important milestones necessary to come home. At least 2 months or more. Precious Aaliyah Jules was born at 4lbs 14oz and healthy. Although healthy she is still small and lost more weight than the doctors would like, and she is required to stay in the NICU for a while as well, she has had to have a feeding tube put in to supplement her while she learns to nurse. Here’s the kicker, she is at the delivery hospital, not childrens where her brother will be for months!! Currently Sophy is healing from her cesarean birth. Released to go home, but without her precious babes. Each of the twins have their own special little room, but the hardest part for Sophy is having to go back and forth between both hospitals while healing, pumping to feed Aaliyah and build up what she can and store it for Aldo when he is allowed to finally eat. Life doesn’t always go as planned, there are boulders thrown onto our pathways that we don’t expect, there are challenges that make us wonder if we can keep pushing on. Sophy defines PERSEVERANCE. She loves so hard, gives what she can, and is one of the hardest working women I have had the pleasure to know. Sophy worked up until 2 days before the little ones arrived. Sophy’s wonderful husband is not able to take time off work to be with Sophy aside from the day they were born. He is now the sole provider and has taken on extra side jobs to take care of his family. The goal for this page is to help our wonderful Sophy and give her all the love and Support she deserves, to hopefully help remove the weight of some financial burdens that come with unexpected circumstances. To help in anyway no matter how small. A ride to the hospitals, or a lift in between the two hospitals. Meals for their family while they are constantly on the go. Any and all help is appreciated! We will Continue to update with pictures and small wins for the little ones. Thank you to everyone who chooses to give or help! ❤️

Special Notes

No visiting the hospitals without consent from Sophy. NICU is a secure floor at both hospitals. Please contact Sophy or Myself (Danay-page Coordinator) for any questions as needed.

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