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Here's my breast cancer story thus far... Feb 6, I had my regular screening mammogram. Feb 7, my OB/GYN, Dr. Amey Lee, called to tell me there was a spot in my right breast that they wanted to get a closer look at. Feb 19, I went back to Mammography for some additional digital imaging and ultrasound. The radiologist, Dr. Germino, came in after my ultrasound and showed me what they were concerned about. A small tumor, about 7mm, in the upper quadrant of my right breast. On Feb 22, I had a biopsy. At 5pm on Feb 25, I got the call and the diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Those are some scary words! On Feb 24, I saw my surgeon, Dr. Bombeck. We set a plan for a partial mastectomy and sentinel lymph dissection on Mar 11, only two weeks after my diagnosis. Mar 4, I met my medical oncologist, Dr. Gupta. We discussed my treatment plan post-surgery. So, there you have it! Such a quick process so far, but I'm so thankful things have moved at lightning speed!

Special Notes: 

Here's my special note: I have a devoted husband and two wonderful daughters at home. All three are very capable and willing to help out however necessary. As we move in to the spring, Ed, Katie and Elizabeth will be busy every weekday with either softball games or practice. During this same time, I will be going through radiation. This part of my treatment may or may not cause fatigue, which doesn't sit well with me. ;) I'm not good at asking for help and I'm even worse at accepting it when people offer. That said, many of my friends have urged me to accept help when it's offered. So, I'm going to work on that. :)