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Help Brittany Manage a New Normal


Brittany unexpectedly started experiencing extreme neurological and physical limitations that she has never experienced before. She has also been in a great deal of pain. So far, doctors have not been able to understand the reason for these unexpected conditions. Brittany is under the care of a neurologist who has started her on a medication to prevent migraine headaches and to prevent and control seizures. She has more tests scheduled and her journey continues. This has been very stressful and a difficult time for Brittany emotionally and also in terms of not being allowed to drive for at least 6 months (per Florida law because of possible seizure activity and losing consciousness for an extended period of time). Brittany WILL recover. She is strong and independent. "Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence." "The comeback is always stronger than the setback." We are confident this will be true in Brittany's situation. That being said, everyone can use a helping hand from time to time. Please see the Care Calendar to claim a day/time you can help. You can also find gift cards under her Wish List to help make things easier for her during this difficult time.

Special Notes

Help us rally around Brittany and show her how loved she is! Our top priority is making sure she has transportation to work, doctor appointments, the grocery store, etc. We will update this page as her needs change. Brittany is immensely grateful for any donations, whether that be a monetary donation or taking time out of your busy schedule. Even just letting Brittany know you're thinking of her during this difficult time is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Care Calendar