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Feeding the Fawcett's

Spring Hill, KS


Thank you for climbing aboard Fawcett meal train. Here are a few tips for being a good passenger: 1. Meals will need to feed 2 adults & 3 kiddos. 2. Avoid dishes with beans (Emery) & cucumbers (DeAnna & Taylor). 3. Include instructions if needed. 4. DO NOT LINGER! This is not about you getting to hold a baby. Remember your postpartum period. Be courteous. Drop off during the designated time/day. There will be time to snuggle a baby in the future.

Special Notes

Sunday 1/21 - Lasagna was delievered They would also enjoy gift cards to eat at: Simple Simons K&M BBQ Applebees Sonic El Potro in Paola Red Robin

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