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Team Nina

San Francisco, CA


PLEASE CLICK "FOLLOW" TO RECEIVE UPDATES (and ADD TO YOUR CONTACTS LIST to prevent it getting marked as spam, which keeps happening.  Sorry!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for joining Team Nina as we support her through her journey of kicking cancer's a#s. This is a space for us to coordinate support, post medical updates, arrange care for Nina and Evie, and share our encouragement and love. If you have a question or contribution, **please reach out directly to these folks** * Main "point person" to manage flow of communication with Nina: Amy * Medical updates: Trevor * Donation site coordination & task support: Chris T We have a donation support site set up with lots of ways to give (and giggle). Please visit it here: Thank you for joining Team Nina. Your being here means so much to her. With heart, Team Nina

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Organizers may specify delivery instructions, favorite meals or dietary restrictions here, so check back for details when signing up.

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