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~Supporting the Hopkins~

Bakersfield, CA


In 2017 David and I decided to move to Texas in hopes of beginning the journey to off-grid living in Houston. Yes I had hopes to live off-grid! Our plan first, was to visit family in the Dallas areas. I, Shanelle was able to visit a couple of family members for a few days. It was upon arriving to my next family visit that I had a seizure that I was able to remain aware through. I began to lose the ability to talk, and my face went completely numb, and my blood pressure skyrocketed to the 190's. It was then I decided to go the hospital in hopes that I did not have a stroke. A CT scan was performed, and that was the discovery that I had a 6cm brain tumor, a meningioma to be exact. The brain tumor had completely pushed my brain to one side. Because of the size and the condition of my brain it was decided that I would have a craniotomy. Boy was my family and I devastated, but God!! In that time He gave me soo much peace. He did let me know it was going to be a long hard journey, and just be ready for a new life. My life has changed in sooo many ways after surgery. I was no longer the super energetic, can't sit still unless there's food, go getting Shanelle that I used to be. The doctor that performed the surgery did tell to me that I would no longer be able to walk without a cane or a walker. That I would be blinded in my left eye, and many other things, but I have overcome those obstacles. Despite overcoming those obstacles, I still have short comings. I have lost strength on my left side which is the side that carried serving trays for 15 years of food service. I have short term memory loss. I have blurred vision which has hindered my ability to read the word of God, or anything at that. I have partial seizures that only affect my left side. I have to pick one activity for the day as opposed to doing many things.. Examples would be doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and vacuuming all in one day.. Because of my tumor growth I am now limited to simply taking care of my beautiful babies. The reoccurrence of my tumor began with the pregnancy of my youngest baby. It is believed that some tumors have hormone receptors that causes growth when hormones are being produced. My life has become a little more difficult. My issues were at first because I had brain surgery. They are worse now because I have brain tumor growth. I now have a scheduled craniotomy planned for June 8th. To remove growth from my first tumor, and to completely remove a second tumor. In the course of that time my Mom will be taking care of my babies. She will be needing help, whether it would be food, child care, or whatever could be provided. I am in the process of getting in home care with great hope.. I am not sure of the details of the surgery. I will try to provide information as often as possible. I should speak with a nurse soon. I remained so silent during the healing of my first craniotomy. I was alone because of pride. I did not want to ask for help. I layed EVERYTHING upon my husband's shoulders which was too much for him to bear even with Jesus. I had too many high expectations, but never expressed them.. With this I am now currently living in my hometown of Bakersfield, California. I am with my family now, and this gives me great peace, but with every surgery there comes more setbacks. I am truly not sure what they will be. Despite my situation, my goal is to keep open communication with my family, and what my family may need. I have a team around me, but they can only provide so much. I am an avid believer in prayer through my Lord and Savior Jesus. He will never leave me nor forsake me. With that, that is the biggest request that I can ask for with a big PLEASE!

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