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Support for Sam and Baby Lucien :)

Seattle, WA


Thank you for visiting! Please check out the care calendar below for specific opportunities to support Sam and Baby Lucien as they settle into their Ravenna home.

Special Notes

Food is just for Sam - and you if you’d like, text to see if we can coordinate you joining for dinner or lunch! Times are approximate. Open to alternatives that work with your schedule- particular on house tasks! Anyone is welcome to visit with Sam outside. For visiting with Lucien, please be fully vaccinated and wear a mask. You’ll also need to do a good hand washing before holding. (He has a delicate immune system and the goal is to keep him away from as many sickies as possible until next February 🤞) Longer Lucien visits (care so mom can nap or do chores): for now let’s keep it to people with limited exposure to other people outside their bubble (including daycare 😔 ). Pulmonologist wants us isolated, but momma will go insane 😁 If you are interested in gifting/ regifting (not necessary AT ALL but thank you!), remaining registry items and an idea of what we already have are here:

Care Calendar