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Getting Roy Mobile Again


As many of you may know, our younger brother suffered a massive stroke in early June. While he's home now, he's struggling mightily to manage an independent lifestyle, something that's very important to him. We sisters and his friends are doing what we can to facilitate that goal, but we've run into a full stop. That full stop is mobility. He is unable to walk, and likely never will. He needs a mobility scooter. His funds are depleted, and ours are struggling under the burdens of meeting other needs. It is with that need we come to you, our friends and family, and ask for donations toward the purchase of a scooter. Our goal is to raise $1000. We can purchase a used scooter for that. Your contribution will make a huge difference in meeting that goal! Look to the right side of the screen, and click PayPal to share your donation. Mary and LeVetta

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