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Support for Xavier Trinidad


As some of you may know, my son X has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Him & his girlfriend Nelly decided to move to Colorado last year & as hard as that was for me, I supported their decision 100%. After being there not even 1 year my son was diagnosed…we literally found out last week. If you know my story then you know it’s been me & X for a long time & it wasn’t easy but if you know my son then you know I did a hell of a job with that one right there. My world is shattered he has to remain in the hospital for the next couple of months, he has started his chemo treatments & they’re really taking a toll on him. I will be in Colorado for the next few weeks for support, his girlfriend Nelly is trying her hardest to keep it together right now she is my guardian angel. I’m asking all friends & family to help financially, if you know me then you know I never ask for anything but I’m always there to help out whenever needed. Please help me get funds so that I can pay his rent & bills for the next couple of months as this is just too much for his girlfriend to handle on her own. Any donation is appreciated, please help me help them. His cash app is $XAVIER7899 & mine is $HIL19125. Also please text him rather than calling him, he sleeps all day & I don’t want him being bothered. If you need his phone # inbox me plz. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t need it. Please share my post no donation is too small they need all the help the can get.

Special Notes

Please no phone calls, text messages are better since Xavier will be sleeping most of the day.

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