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Support for Lura & Ricky

Charlotte, NC


On Wednesday, July 15th 2020, Lura and Ricky headed to the hospital in premature labor at 22 weeks for the birth of Cali Rose and Lyric Elaine. While they attempted to stop the labor because of the premature nature, our little angels came into this world around 8:00PM that evening. They were born crying and breathing on their own. The amazing staff of doctors and nurses went to work on them immediately. However, after only 1 day of fighting with all she had, unfortunately little Cali Rose was called home to be with our Lord and became Lyric Elaine’s guardian angel. Now with the help of her angel sister and unlimited prayers from all over the world, little Lyric is continuing to fight for her life. We are all keeping positive energy and focusing all of our attention on Lyric. Lura and Ricky continue to need our thoughts, prayers and positive energy to see this beautiful family through. Over the last few days, so many of you have reached out and asked if you could help in some way, whether it be with providing food, support, gift cards and/or donations. We were honestly taken back, while still in shock and processing what had happened ourselves. But we quickly realized creating this space to organize ways you can help was necessary. Thank you all so much again for your continued thoughts, prayers and support. God bless you all!

Special Notes

Some of Lura and Ricky's favorite places are: - Starbucks - Honey Baked Ham - Panera  - Firehouse Subs - Cookout  - Yoshis Grill (in Huntersville) - Mexican food - Italian food   Some favorite home cooked meals are: - Mac n cheese - Sweet Potato Casserole - Pasta dishes - Chicken & potatoes - Really anything 

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