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Baby Broom Welcoming Committee

Carlsbad, CA


Jess and Sam are welcoming their sweet baby boy and we all want to support them as they become a glorious family of four! This is a rough outline of their needs but some specifics may change depending on how the day is going. For instance, a bit of Millie entertainment or maybe a pop-in to do the dishes in the sink or a laundry cycle might be welcome at the time of drop-off so follow up with Sam to see if they'd like that. Also, hosting Sam and Millie for a dinner may be helpful in a few weeks so Jess can have some quiet time with the baby. Once you select your day, just follow up with Sam to see if any specifics have changed!

Special Notes

Meals that can be reheated or frozen will be the most helpful, especially in the early stages so dust off your casserole dishes! Also, if their fridge starts overflowing with leftovers, they may want to postpone your meal delivery. **Millie is on spring break from day care from March 29th-April 2nd so morning/mid-day activities are welcome**

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