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Remembering Sherry ❤️ Meal Train for Connie, Keith and Nettie

Waynesville, NC


Losing a loved one is an immense loss, and it is during times like these that we need the support and love of our community the most. Connie, Keith, Nettie and those close to them lost an amazing daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend to so many others unexpectedly. Words cannot describe the feeling of losing someone so precious and so close to your heart. As a member of our community, I have witnessed firsthand the strength and resilience that comes from the support of friends and neighbors. In an effort to provide some comfort and assistance during this challenging time, I would like to organize a meal train for Connie, Keith and Nettie. A meal train is a wonderful way for our community to come together and show our support by providing meals for the family. It can be a tremendous help during a time when daily tasks may feel overwhelming. By participating in a meal train, friends, neighbors, and loved ones can sign up to prepare and deliver a meal to the family on designated days. This not only ensures that they have nourishing meals during this difficult period but also provides a sense of care and support from those around them. I believe that a meal train would not only provide practical support but also serve as a reminder that they are surrounded by a community that cares deeply for them and wants to help in any way possible. It can be a small gesture that makes a big difference in easing the burden of daily responsibilities, allowing them more time and space to focus on healing and being with their family. If you will reach out to Connie and ask about dietary restrictions before committing to a meal, that would be appreciated. Thank you. Thank you for your time, love, support and consideration. Cortney ❤️

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