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Support the Sheldon Family

Portland, OR


If you are receiving this invitation to join us, you will already have learned that the Sheldon Family lost their 16-year-old son Jamie this weekend. After a long battle with bipolar disorder, Jamie felt as though he had no way out and took his life. The family asks that you honor his life by understanding the courageous battle he waged. They ask that you understand that a major mental illness is as life-threatening as cancer. Jamie did not so much "lose the battle" as he succumbed to a disease. He leaves three siblings - Charlie 14, Vanessa, 15, and Julian, 18. He also leaves his grieving parents Sandra and Jeffrey. Supporting ongoing support for the entire family is our collective goal. Please claim any item(s) you would like to provide.

Special Notes

Although Sheldon's are divorced, during this time they have decided to use Jeffrey's address as a central gathering point as the family is more comfortable there at this time. If you need the physical address to deliver an item, message [email protected].

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