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Welcome Baby Zayne Mondle!

Fridley, MN


Welcome Zayne Ender Ho-June Mondle. Born on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 2:35PM. Zayne means “God is Gracious” and He definitely was with this little guy. We tried to have another homebirth but was transferred to a hospital to receive extra help. Zayne had shoulder dystocia and his right arm got stuck behind his back but with a great team of doctors and nurses, Soo-Lin was still able to give birth naturally by the grace of God. Baby and mom are doing well. We are expecting recovery to go smoothly despite all the things that were happening. Because our family will be juggling a new addition to the family, we are still full-time caretakers to our dad and will need the help of our community to start off on the right foot. Meals are always the best way to support us since we all know it takes time to plan and execute. As of now, we will not be allowing visitors since it is still cold/flu season. We just want to take careful precautions to not expose baby Zayne to anything that could harm his health. We will let you all know when we will be allowing visitors in the near future. Thank you for your support, love, and understanding of our family as we go through a season of growing! Love you all. God bless.

Special Notes

No dietary restrictions. No visitors at this point until further notice. Please do not ring doorbell. We have a Ring doorbell that notifies us when someone is at the door. If making meals is not your expertise, gift cards are available and Venmo too. That way we can order food, groceries, and/or purchase things for baby as things come up.

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