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About Give A LITTLE Love ❤️

So next time you say, “Christina, what can I do to help?" come to this page before she gets a chance to tell you she’s all set! Come here and sign up for a gift card. One thing I love about our amazing little town is the way we rally around and support each other in times of need. There are people who seem to always step up, reach out and help whenever they can. Christina is one of those people. She is always on the giving end, ready to do whatever needs to be done. So imagine how EASY (Insert sarcasm-here-) it was to convince her that it is time for us to help her! I caught her at a good moment and I think I finally got her to agree! There are doctor appointments, radiation treatments, chemo, surgeries, and prescriptions to be filled. The next few weeks are going to be busy. For now, they are pretty much all set with getting that stuff done without much help from us. A meal train sounded like a good plan, but the truth is it’s a little overwhelming not knowing when they will be home to receive food. There are hospital stays in the near future. The things that will come in handy right now are things that simplify life and add convenience so that Fred and the kids can get her to where she needs to be. I think gift cards are the answer. There are lots of small expenses, that add up to large bills. If we can pay for their pizza, fill up their gas tank or help out with that grocery bill, it will help take some of that financial stress away and make things a little easier.  This calendar was created to give some ideas of ways you can help. Here's what to do:    1. Sign yourself up for a day to fulfill a wish    2. Buy a gift card (the amount is up to you)    3. Write a sweet note or a funny joke to share with the Little family    4. Drop it in the mail. (If you don't have a stamp, click on Email Organizers or text us and we will come pick it up from you. You can also drop it off at Barrington Middle School - Attn: Little Family)            Give A LITTLE Love                       169 Ham Road            Barrington, NH 03825        The calendar will continue to update as needs change. We may eventually want your amazing home cooked meals! Please share this calendar with anyone who may want to reach out and help. Remember to revisit this site often whenever you are moved to help. We will update frequently. If you have any questions or need us to pick up your gift cards text one of us:     Roxanne (603) 817-7687, Jolyn (603) 842-0280   Thanks in advance, Roxanne & Jolyn

Special Notes: 

Please note that gift cards in any amount to ANY location are helpful.  If a card is already taken, its ok!  We can send extras!  If you prefer to remain annonymous, please contact Jolyn or Roxanne.  We can make that happen! Thanks for your help!