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Kassandra’s Recovery

Taylors, SC


On Monday 02/05/2024, Kassie had a lumbar puncture procedure and they found that she has a rare condition called Idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which causes pressure on the brain. They drained fluid from her spinal area to relieve it. She had complications from the procedure and went to the ER two days later. She was not able to sit up without feeling great pain and was only finding some relief while laying down a with a combination of medicine for pain. It appears the pain she has been having has been stemming from the procedure itself, as the removal of fluid left a vacuum which can create a great deal of discomfort/pain. After a difficult day trying to manage the pain on Thursday, the doctors conducted another rare procedure involving a blood patch, which is where they insert blood through the injection sight of the lumbar puncture with a needle and fill it with blood into the spinal area, which then travels up to her brain to alleviate the pressure. She had to do this with no pain meds in order to “feel it” and let the doctor know when the blood filled the injection sight. Though extremely painful, it did bring her great relief initially to her and she was able to sit up for the first time in a couple of days. Unfortunately some of that relief dissipated but she is managing the best she can. This is the most pain she has ever experienced. I’m addition, a CT scan showed that there was some kind of growth in her chest. We do not know what it is (could be serious like cancer or could be nothing serious at all), but we will not know more til 2/14/24 at her follow up visit. Kassie will be having to take a whole week of work off, with 30 hours of no pay. Kassie needs a lot of love, support and encouragement at this time. It’s been a lonely journey for her. Please do whatever you desire to help, any is appreciated. Her greatest need is connection.

Special Notes

Kassie was told by the doctors to have caffeine and fluids, so drinks are very welcomed. Foodwise, she really enjoys snacks like chips, cookies, oreos, etc and for real food she likes things like pizza, Chik Fila, ice cream, smoothie bowls, well down steak… It doesn’t have to be restaurant food, cooked meals are great tooo… baked ziti, chicken soup, Mac n cheese. She will be home all week as I mentioned, so please if you’re free, stop by. Or give her a ring. Although she may be sleeping some if you do. Presence is much needed but even a phone call can go far, a quick text to check in. Kassie also enjoys reading on her kindle which is what helps pass the time for her/distract her. if you she any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 631-813-5929. And Kassie’s number is 803-389-3692. Thanks again!

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