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Loehrke Love


Hi everyone, I have created this page to help support not only just our dear friend Kenny but his family as well. As we all know, Kenny has lost his mom, which is so extremely sad and is now losing his pops. I know Kenny isn’t the one to always show emotion but we know this is effecting him and I couldn’t imagine what challenges he is facing day to day. As we grow up, we grow apart and we learn a lot about ourselves, but true friendships never die and I know not just myself, but we all have a friend in each other on this page! So with that said, I thought it would be really special to help Kenny’s family through such a difficult time!

Special Notes

I do know Pa Loehrke is on 24/7 hospice, and do not believe he can eat, so this is mainly to help the family and give them a break! Please set your meal at the front step and then text Kenny a picture. We do not want to expose his dad to more people and germs other than the family visiting. Again, he has no idea this is happening, so it should be fun every week to get a random message from a friend letting him know we care.

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