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Leah Jones Love - meal train and cancer support

Chicago, IL


Leah is using Caring Bridge to journal this cancer journey. Please visit her there and share your love: The current plan of care includes: Monday, September 27th - lumpectomy with sentinal node biopsy. This will be outpatient and the goal is to get the mass out with clear margins. They will also biopsy a few lymph nodes. Monday, October 11th - breast reduction. This is not a requirement, but the silver lining I'm allowing myself to find in this diagnosis. I don't have the genetics that suggest a need for a masectomy, but a reduction is part of this journey for me. November-ish to January-ish - chemotherapy. This is a chemo that I'll lose my hair and imagine if COVID keeps trending the way it is, I will be very isolated for my safety. This is really when I'm going to need help with food and chores.

Special Notes

MEALS: Leah is one person with little freezer space. Four years ago when she had her hysterectomy, our meal train resulted in an overabundance of leftovers. Please know your love is not measured in how much food you drop by! If you are bringing meals, please try to bring 1-2 servings of kosher-style food (no pork or shellfish). PRAYERS: Leah's Hebrew name is Leah Meira bat Sarah v'Avraham for your prayer lists and misheberachs.

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