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Helping Hearts

Richmond, KY


Rebekah has been a National Patient Volunteer for the past 13 yrs in Frankfort, Kentucky and Washington, DC. While her normal volunteer work has been with healthcare, she has now been assisting the Unemployed Workers of Kentucky since 2020. Rebekah is not an employee for the state of Kentucky. She is just providing volunteer assistance in order to help others who are in need. This page is for the residents of Kentucky who have lost their jobs during the Covid 19 Pandemic. This is a support system to assist with unemployment questions and help provide solutions or networking when possible. There will be links for financial aid from Community Action Council, as well as updates to the new stimulus bill that is hoped to pass March 14, 2021.

Special Notes

No discrimination or bullying will be allowed. No asking for money or posting GoFundME or other sites from our fellow unemployed on this page. You will receive one warning, after that you will be removed. I do have plans of virtual potlucks, penpals, crafting and ways to spread kindness online and in your community. Bible verses and words of encouragement are always welcome and encouraged! Thank you for being a part of our little group!

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