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Supporting the Paiva Family

Seabrook, NH


Hi everyone! Without sharing too much, Beth has been in the hospital for a few days and is likely going to need some rehab time also. We are trying to support the family with meals while Beth recovers. We may add errands or other items needed as we know more. Kevin has to be at the hospital (and work) so we want to be sure there’s food in the house for the boys, Austin and Andrew. If you can’t make a meal or are not local, please consider donating a digital Visa card for them to be able to order food and groceries. If you have specific questions or need to know times to drop off food, message on here and Val or I will get back to you asap! (Bear with us if something isn’t working on here, we haven't set something like this up before! Just let us know if something isn’t working!) Thank you! Val Marshall and Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Special Notes

Please, no surprise visitors (no sick visitors either). We will try to set up some more info as we get it.

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