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Support for Chantal & Orlando


Hi everyone! As you may know, Chantal and Orlando's sweet babies decided to make an early, surprise visit at just 23 weeks. After 151 days in the NICU, little Otto is home, while his sister, Emmy, remains in hospital to continue to grow and thrive. As they wait to have both of their precious little ones safe at home, we wanted to find a way that we can support these two wonderful humans as they navigate parenthood. There are many ways to help! On this page you can: send them a gift card, a Venmo, or just offer a kind word of encouragement! Monetary contributions will go towards necessities like diapers, wipes, and clothing. They could also use some help knocking items off of their registry: [insert registry link]. If you would like to mail something to them directly, send us a private message and we'll provide their current address. Thank you for your support! With any luck, these contributions will remove some of the burden and allow Chantal and Orlando to to just be with their little ones.