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Candi and Cecil - Welcome Bebé

Oakland, CA


Beloved Community, We are honored to have you as Candi and Cecil's queridos as they await the arrival of their little one. We all know the care, joy, music, laughter, and thoughtfulness Cecil and Candi offer us. Becoming parents even in the most supported of times is a major transition. Let us offer them the same abundance and generosity that they show each of us. Asking for support is a vulnerable act, especially given the current moment and while undertaking such a beautiful and encompassing journey as parenthood. For Candi and Cecil, navigating a high risk pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic meant that they spent the majority of the journey rather isolated from loved ones - and working up till the final weeks without time yet for a baby shower or blessing. While they hope to celebrate their newest family member with all of us in the near future, we hope to support them in the present moment so they can move through the welcoming of their newborn with ease and with the love from their community firmly behind them. What would be very helpful to Candi, Cecil and Bebé:  - Financial support to help cover the costs of their baby essentials, doulas, birthing classes, and an infant CPR class. (These most appreciated donations can be made as personal gifts through the PayPal link below, or to the Venmo handle @candimartinez.)  - Gift cards for supplies and delicious meals for the family to enjoy when they return home from the hospital are also welcome. These generosities will help Candi and Cecil feel supported as they take time away from work to bond as a new family. Gifts or gluten free meal offers are also welcome. Please contact Candi or Cecil directly to plan any meal drop off or in person gift delivery. It's such a reflection of Cecil and Candi's hearts that they have many queridos waiting for the opportunity to love on them. As many of us have experienced this last year, we are who we got. Thank you for offering your light and love to this newest member of our chosen family. Stay tuned here for updates on bebé, Candi and Cecil!  Abrazos, Yosmay he / they

Special Notes

If you are local (Oakland / Bay Area) and would like to deliver a gift or gluten free meals to Candi and Cecil in person, please contact Candi or Cecil directly to arrange the best time to visit. If you would like to order delivery to their home, Candi and Cecil's favorite local restaurants are: Noodle Theory, Saap Avenue, Burma Superstar, Homeroom, Daughter Thai, Doña, Ensarro, Paulista, The Well Organic Kitchen, Zachary's, Mariposa Bakery, Cafe Umami and Ms. Ollie's Caribbean Kitchen : )