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Meal Train For Lauren after Twins Arrive!

Fort Myers, FL


Thanks for offering to bring Lauren food as she learns her new normal welcoming twins into her home! Lauren is eating dairy free. Often times things are not labeled dairy free, but may be labeled “vegan” and that includes dairy free items. She will eat anything from peanut butter sandwiches to hamburgers. It doesn’t have to be fancy. We are just so appreciative of all the help! Some restaurants have vegan / dairy free options like Olive Garden. Lauren loves the spaghetti option on that menu and a side salad - no dressing (sadly there is dairy in it). Tropical smoothie is also a great option (Thai chicken wrap). Chicken and vegetables is another great option. Just make sure to order it dry with no sauces. It would be wonderful if you do a delivery service arrival around 5pm or just plan on dropping the food off on the front porch. As all of you know, having a baby is a tiring thing (and now with 3!)..that is really tiring! With everything going on in this world, we would appreciate just a drop off! Thank you for understanding.

Special Notes

Please feel free to text me if you have any questions at all! Thank you so much, Jennifer (239.826.5878) (and of course - Lauren, Hannah and the Twins <3  

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