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About Calling all Members of Team Greening-Hamlin as They Prep For BMT

Leif had Ewings Sarcoma at age 2 and severe complications from treatment. But he lived and has thrived for almost 5 years. Living thrills him. He’s stunning, funny, intense - all of it. He has now been diagnosed with secondary leukemia caused by the chemotherapy he got for Ewings. Leif, Mary and Eric are now preparing for a bone marrow transplant. As they prepare, the family faces numerous hardships. BMT is a difficult and a painful procedure. There are lost parental wages, the discovery of widespread mold in their home which must now be remediated in order to Leif to return there. (Fungal infections are among the deadliest complications of immunosuppression). Their most pressing need at this time is a place to stay (reduced rate or better still, free) between his brief discharge from the hospital and his BMT. There is an option to purchase a gift card on the right hand navigation bar of this page. If we gather enough, we can house them in a pet friendly hotel and Leif and his beloved dog, Claude can be together. This is a fluid situation. All items to claim on the care calendar provide information about what is required - many are back up positions - and you will be notified if, for example, a contractor needs to be let in to the house.

Special Notes: 

1. You can contribute to their gofundme campaign using the link on the right navigation bar. This money will go to remove mold in their house. Any gift cards should be sent to Mary at [email protected] 2. You can purchase an item on their Wishlist (also on the right navigation bar). 3. You can claim items from our care calendar. Once you claim and item, you will be notified and reminded. You can sign up to provide house related services, pet care for Leif's beloved dog Claude - and more. Because the situation is fluid, many of these sign-ups will be calls for backup care. For example, if you sign up to provide home services on a specific day, it is quite possible that Mary and Eric will not actually need the help. However, if they do, you will be responsible for that day.