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Meals for Jeanne Denino


Many of you may be aware that my mother, Jeanne Denino, diagnosed with uterine cancer about a year and a half ago. She didn’t complain, in fact, she smiled through that whole ordeal. In January she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and shortly after that her gallbladder failed. And while we were sure that she would get rid of the stomach cancer we were shocked to find out that she did not do so and in fact that cancer spread to her lymph nodes. She has lost 45 pounds since winter. About a month ago my mother suffered a series of small strokes, leaving her neurologically impaired. My father has been faithfully by her side as her best friend and chauffeur. But now with the added pressure of all the cooking, cleaning and physically taking care of Jeanne, it is becoming overwhelming for him. My mother must follow a specific gallbladder friendly diet because her gallbladder cannot be removed while her cancer is active. Please read under the specific notes section to understand exactly what she canning cannot eat. Eating the wrong ingredients causes her insufferable pain.

Special Notes

Jeanne cannot eat eggs, diary, processed foods such lunch meats, sausage, hot dogs, oily, spicy and fried foods. She does well with chicken, tuna, salmon, fruits and vegetables. She can Have plant-based butter, Olive oil and avocado oil. She can have diary free ice cream such as oat milk ice cream but she needs to avoid terribly sugary foods. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to text me at 614-563-3798.

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