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Welcome home, Raenilyn Jo Gerken!

Spokane Valley, WA


Initially, Rabecka's due date was August 28. 2021. July 27 2021 she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Her birth team decided it would be best for Momma and baby's safety to induce Rabecka at 37 weeks (which is officially considered full-term). She was supposed to be induced at 7:00am on the 7th, but too many women went into labor-- all the rooms were full. The hospital called her around 5:30pm on the 7th and told her that her room would be ready for her at 7:00pm. As expected, she was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA at 7:00pm on 07 August. She filled out all the paperwork and got settled into her Labor & Delivery room and has an IV. The nurse took blood and ran labs and everything came back normal. The RNs occasionally give her fluids to make sure she's 100% hydrated at all times. She's taken 3 doses of Misoprostol at 10:30PM, 2:30AM, & 6:30AM. Last night her cervix was dilated to 1cm--30%. This morning she's at 2cm--50%. Raenilyn is healthy and her head is down. Her L&D room has a big jetted tub so she's gotten to take two baths to ease some discomfort.

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