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Meal train for Kelly Ochoa Emblem and family

Murrieta, CA


Hi friends! We want to thank you so much for your love and support. As most of you know, Kelly delivered twins on June 22. Shortly after Kelly was brought into her postpartum room a nurse noticed that Romi’s breathing wasn’t 100%. The evening of the 22nd the hospital worked and monitored Romi in their nicu. On the 23rd we spoke with the nicu doctor and we’re told Romi was improving and there was potential that she would be able to stay in the room with Kelly and be unhooked from all support monitoring her. Later that evening, Kelly was able to visit Romi with Knox and nurse her. During that visit Kelly noticed that Romi was arching her little body. Kelly brought this to the attention of the nicu medical staff. About two hours later, the nicu doctor came into our room and let us know that they believed Romi was having seizures and they needed to relocate her immediately to the main Loma Linda hospital. Because Kelly was still at the hospital recovering from a major surgery, she had to send her sweet little angel away all alone to another hospital in another city. Romi is currently seeking medical attention at Loma Linda and we are able to visit our girl 24 hours a day. To respect Kelly’s privacy, I will not provide additional updates unless Kelly specifically ask me to. We are asking friends and family to help make the girls comfortable and make life a little easier for Kelly. If you could help with breakfast and dinners, it would be a tremendous help for her. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Much love, Rae Emblem (619) 992-6321

Special Notes

Please be respectful of Kelly’s privacy during this time.

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