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About Maggie's Post-Surgery Support Train

This is a place for people to schedule visits and meal drop-offs during my recovery period. Shout out to Devon Perry for letting me know this is a thing I should do!  I put a general visit option and a general meal option, once a day for the first two weeks post-surgery. If you take a slot, you can come by anytime! Not just in the window allowed. Let me know in the notes section when you're planning to come by. ***KEYS***: Keys will be in a lockbox outside the apartment building. PLEASE TEXT ME on the day you’re coming over, and I’ll give you instructions. 😊

Special Notes: 

As you probably know, I have lots of food challenges, so here's the list of don'ts followed by some examples of dishes that I eat often. DON'TS gluten milk, cheese, butter eggs meat (except fish) soy products refined sugar   DO'S fruits vegetables grains without gluten (rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc.) beans nuts & seeds dark chocolate (made with natural sweeteners; HU brand is awesome) SAMPLE DISHES Green smoothies Tuscan bean & kale soup/stew Chickpea stew Veggie pasta (with chickpea pasta) Avocado toast (with gluten-free bread) I'll be getting groceries delivered, so you're also welcome to just come for a visit and blend up a smoothie at the house. I won't be able to prepare my own food for at least a week after surgery, so this will be super helpful! NYC PREPARED FOODS!  Some have asked what prepared foods I love, so here are my favorites: Sweetgreen: Shroomami (sub sweet potatoes for beets and sub avocado for tofu) Juice Generation: Mr. Greengenes or any juice Juice Press: Green Bowl w/goji berries, coconut flakes, & chia/flax blend; or any juice Pure Kitchn: I honestly love everything here! Faves are Italian Pesto Bowl (sub butternut squash for quinoa) and Thai Pineapple Bowl. Mulberry & Vine: 3 Veg Bowl w/vegan mash, kale & apple salad, miso-maple acorn squash, & thai chili noodles Dig Inn: any combo of veggies & rice or potatoes  Y'all are AMAZING for adhering to this. Thank you!!!