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Meal Train for Pachecos

San Francisco, CA


Talia Rose is here and thriving with mama and daddy!! Let's show some love to our new parents by providing meals for them so that they can focus on resting & taking care of their sweet babe! We’ll take care of the nourishment for the parents. Make a homemade meal and drop it off if you're local or get them a DoorDash gift card. Thank you in advance for supporting our new parents! We will start the train on February 19th once Nahal and Steve’s families head back home. Just click "I'll help" on the date(s) of your choice and indicate what you'll be providing! XO, Lindsay

Special Notes

Protein and veggies are nourishing for our nursing mama and dad. We want to keep their mood and energy as stable as possible during their sleep deprivation period so think delicious and nutritious! They would love to try some of your go-to and favorite recipes! However, if you need some inspiration, below are some of their favorite food bloggers. Just pop these into your google search bar: The Defined Dish Alison Roman Half Baked Harvest Gathered Nutrition

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