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Meals for Emily and Steve Rodgers

Thousand Oaks, CA


Hi Everyone, Steve & Emily are so grateful for all the “meal train” dinners made or purchased from local restaurants since the passing of dear Cyndy on March 26th. Everything from casseroles, baked chicken with vegetables, pasta dishes with veggies, tacos or anything that is quick, delicious, and doesn't require too much prep except heating up. I did Social Monk, Bad Ass Tacos, and Soom Soom. There is always an overwhelming feeling that comes with mourning the loss of a loved one and trying to balance the details of life, and eating nourishing food is definitely at the bottom of the list. This is where “meal trains” has helped so much. With that, the last leg of the “meal train” is ending on June 2nd. Sign up for a spot to bring a meal to Steve and Emily. Delivery time is after 5PM but you can always check in with Steve via text or email to coordinate an approximate time. Steve and Emily welcome a you to stay and visit for a few minutes, however, if you are not able, you can leave the meal at the doorstep. It was nice last week, as I got to meet Emily’s boyfriend!!!

Special Notes

There are no allergies to food and no despised foods either, except Liver (ha). They are trying to eat more healthy. Thanks, Jerri For direct communication with Steve, text or email him. Steve's cell: (805) 895-4370 Steve's email:

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