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Share the Love for Kristen, Justin and Amelia

Carpentersville, IL


My name is Andi Santilli and Kristen has been my friend for some 30 years. Tragically, her husband Jason passed away. They have beautiful 2 year old twins, Justin and Amelia. As anyone can imagine, this is a very difficult time for Kristen and her entire family. I’d like to help them and give them any assistance necessary. Whether it is grocery delivery, a home cooked meal, a gift card, or even a note of encouragement, everything is appreciated and I know Kristen will appreciate all the support we can give her!

Special Notes

Please be sensitive of the nature of this situation. Regarding meals, if anyone is interested in bringing something over, Mondays after 6, and wed and Fridays are the options. The kids like normal ‘kid’ foods, but not really mac n cheese. Eat peas, mixed vegetables, most fruits, salami, turkey, chicken, hot dogs etc. Justin loves dinosaurs. Amelia loves babies and kitties.

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