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Welcoming Baby S!

Fort Gordon, GA


We've had friends and family near and far ask us how they could help and support us and what we need for baby! This time around we've realized we don't need a whole lot of items but instead helping hands with meals and everyday tasks! This helps us be able to enjoy our time together as we welcome our third little bundle earth side, let momma heal, and help dad manage too. Whether you're in our area or halfway across the country signing up for a day on our meal train to deliver in person, sending us a meal through grub hub, picking up the girls for an hour, coming to hold S while mom showers, or even a door dash or grub hub gift card, helps more than you could imagine. We love and appreciate each and every one of you, thank you for wanting to help out!

Special Notes

No one in the family has any dietary restrictions. Preference of alternative milks. We have decided to spend the first few weeks with minimal visitors at all to soak up new baby with just mom, dad, and big sisters. As well as to keep mom and baby well rested and healthy. We will update everyone when we're ready for others to join in. If you plan to visit to help out and meet S please make sure you're free of any cold/flu/COVID like symptoms. Thank you for respecting our wishes! Registry Link

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