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Feed the Love! for Candice and Brandon's New Addition!!

Gastonia, NC


With the wait for Baby Girl Trammell winding down, we wanted to give our friends a final push (pun intended) of support. We are requesting gift cards or meals ordered for some of their favorite restaurants, as well as, gift cards to baby-friendly stores Follow the links from the wishlist to send some love (and a little easefulness) as we welcome the new baby girl into our lives and Candice and Brandon's home.

Special Notes

Some of their favorite Restaurants are listed below with a link to their sites: Please send confirmation to Viva Chicken: Salsaritas: Bojangles: In-store only Asian Garden: In-store only Twin Tops: call for gift card: Sake Express: Order for delivery: Pita Wheel: Call for pick up Sprouts: Call for pick up Tequilas: Call for pick up Hungry Howies: Showmars: Georgio's: Call for pick up: Jai Asian: Order online: Jacksons: Order online:

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