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Meal Train For Pontanaland

Boise, ID


As many of you know, on 9/2/21 Katie had major oral surgery to remove cancerous tissue in her tongue. This meal train is to support Katie as she heals from surgery and radiation, and to support Montana as he (expertly) nurses her back to health. These two fine folks have an awesome community that is ready to love on our people, and we all know food is love. Thanks for rallying around Pontanaland! 📆 Please note the dates on the signup calendar. There are meal signup slots for a few weeks in September immediately post-op. There will likely be a break for a few weeks after that, then additional signup slots will be added later in the fall as Katie undergoes radiation treatment.

Special Notes

🚫 Allergy note: Please hold the almonds, as Katie is allergic. 👍 Easily digested proteins and plenty of fat will be the MVPs of Katie's liquid diet for a few weeks post-op. Smoothies are great, and so are savory blended soups, yummy broth, fancy juices. etc. Can you add coconut milk or peanut butter to a recipe to make it heartier? Bonus! 🍖 Montana is an omnivore with no food allergies. 🚗 Drop-off Notes: Please text Katie (208-863-5981) or Montana at (208-404-6554) when you're on your way. There will be a cooler on the front porch to drop off food. Thank you for your support!

Care Calendar