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Supporting Jennifer Redmond

Chattaooga, TN


Dear Friends and Family, As many of you may know, Jennifer has recently faced the heartbreaking loss of her father. This has been an incredibly challenging time for her, both emotionally and financially. In times like these, the power of community support becomes more evident and meaningful than ever. To help Jennifer navigate through this period, we are reaching out to our wonderful community to ask for your support in a practical and impactful way. We believe that together, we can lighten the burden on her shoulders and provide some relief during these tough times. How You Can Help: We are kindly asking for donations of gift cards for food and other necessities. Gift cards are a flexible way to offer support, allowing Jennifer to purchase what she needs when she needs it. Whether it's groceries, meals, or other essential items, your generosity will directly help her manage their day-to-day needs without the added stress of financial strain.

Special Notes

Jennifer has some eating restrictions, so it's best and easiest for her to choose what and where she eats. If you would like to visit or prepare a meal, please text Bethany at 865-363-5505 to help coordinate.