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Stephanie Support Squad

Va beach, VA


David Llord unexpectedly passed away leaving behind his partner Stephanie and two children Charlotte (almost 2 years old) and Anthony (10 years old) and his sons mother, who is also heartbroken, Virginia. To say that we are shocked is an understatement and unfortunately, the family is not prepared emotionally or financially for this. They are shocked and saddened by this loss. If you know Stephanie, you know how much she helps everyone. It’s our turn to give back as they deal with the loss of David. Stephanie had specific needs we would like to help with as well as the costs associated with laying David to rest. At the time of his death, David was working to get their vehicle repaired and now, the need for reliable transportation is more important than ever. Any contributions are greatly appreciated at this time. We are raising money to assist the family with cost of travel. Stephanie had to pay to have her sister come be with her and cancel her flight to leave so she could stay a little longer to help with the kids. The loss of work means nothing is coming in at the moment to help with extra expenses . Charlotte and Blake both have birthdays coming up. Charlotte’s is October 23rd with Blake’s two days before that on the 21st. David has an outstanding cell phone bill that is going to be difficult to cover. With all that said any contributions that can be made will be helpful and appreciated. We thank you all in advance with anything you can do. Stephanie absolutely hates asking for help so I am (her sister) putting this together in hopes that she will have support when I leave as she navigates these next few weeks or months. She will likely be out of work this week again as she is struggling to get through these hard days, plus she is not prepared to leave Charlotte yet. So again, anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

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