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Support for the Granger/Davis Family_VOID


For those who don’t yet know, Mary (Davis) Granger and her husband, Marc, were in a private plane crash on May 29th. Mary suffered non-life threatening injuries, and is home and recovering; sadly, Marc did not survive the crash. Mary is a strong willed woman, and is determined that God has a purpose for her in this life – that she survived the crash for a reason. She filled with strength, grit, and is ever grateful that she is alive and able to care for her three children, Luke and Rebecca (twins, age 13) and Max (age 4). As Mary and her children navigate mourning the loss of their husband and dad, I am confident they will find ways to rebuild their lives in ways that honor Marc and the legacy and love he left for them. While I know the coming days will be difficult and trying in many ways, the Granger family will need all the love and support we can muster for the long term. If you feel called to do so, please help support the Granger family in one of the following ways: Prayer Please continue to keep Mary and her family in your thoughts and prayers – I know she has felt the thoughts and prayers you’ve already provided by just being there and praying for her and her family. The Kiddos As the Granger/Davis clan begins their summer, I thought it might be nice to send a gift basket of goodies for each of the kids (and Mary too)… to give them a gentle reminder of the freedom of summer and the happiness that comes with being a kid. If you’d like to participate, I will happily accept contributions via paypal or venmo at [email protected] (please use a tagline “The Granger Family” so the funds go to the right place). Mary In the coming months, I’d like to be certain that Mary can focus on her kids and her family and not have to worry about what to cook for dinner, so I’ve set up a meal train for them. I’ve added meals/restaurants that I know her kids will enjoy, and also included a few grocery gift cards as well as a Door Dash suggestion for the nights when they want something different. You can find it here: Marc’s Legacy Marc loved his 1959 Max Holste Broussard and his dream was to restore his plane to it’s full former glory (recover the control surfaces, paint, etc). Mary also plans to add his name under the pilot window. I know Mary would greatly appreciate any contribution to help keep this legacy alive. Read more here: I know a lot of you have emailed me asking for ways you can help – so this email is a call to action for her Wood/Mustang friends and family to help ensure that the Grangers have all the support they never knew they needed, and that Mary knows she is surrounded by more love and care than she ever imagined.

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