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Supporting Kelly Taylor

Bellefonte, PA


Kelly is a secretary at a local Emergency Department where she makes a difference every day. Unfortunately, on 2/3/24, tragedy hit home. Kelly’s perfect, 16 week-old, baby boy suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at home. This page is to help ease the financial burden for Kelly and her family. She recently returned from maternity leave to a job she hasn’t been at long so she does not have any paid time off left. You can donate money through gofundme (, the Venmo or Cash App links, or purchase gift cards for the family by clicking the "Wishlist" link. Monetary and gift card donations will help ease the financial burden for Kelly and her fiance, Pete, while they take the time off they need. All money donated will be placed into a savings account until the fundraiser is over then it will be given to Kelly and Pete. You can also participate in the meal train by dropping off a meal or having a meal delivered. **PLEASE NOTE THAT KELLY AND PETE ARE NOT UP FOR ANY VISITORS RIGHT NOW SO IF YOU DROP A MEAL OFF, IT WILL BE PORCH DROP OFF ONLY** Please respect their privacy at this time.

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