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About Christina Smith

Hi everyone! I have started this page mostly for the shared calendar to make sure that my mom is getting visitors for the next few weeks while I am back in Montana. She doesn't require much. Just wishes for your company. Even if she is sleeping when you show up, please feel free to hang out until she wakes up. It is comforting for her to have people in the room. UPDATE on mom's condition 7/1/19: As of tomorrow, mom will have completed her first 21 days of treatment. The treatment cycles are 28 days long. The first 21 days consist of a nightly dose of chemotherapy in a pill and weekly IV chemotherapy on Mondays and Tuesdays. On 7/2 she will begin a week long break. The chemo is targeted to her blood- which affects her bone marrow. She had issues with her kidneys upon her admittance before the diagnoses because her bones were not filtering properly. The chemo has regulated the filtration now, however she is low in some electrolytes. She gets daily blood tests to make sure that she has enough magnesium, calcium, etc. When her platelet counts are low she receives blood transfusions which normally make her feel pretty good! We are seeing pretty great improvements since admittance to Swedish- the nurses, aids, and doctors there are angels. Doctors are still working on her chemistry (why she is still in the hospital), but once they figure out her body's nuances they will release her to the care of a skilled nursing facility on Rainier Avenue. It's called the Washington Care Center. She will be working on walking while she is at the care center. Once she is able to do 3 hours of physical activity a day (sitting up, walking, getting out of bed), we will transfer her to an acute care facility. This is a skilled nursing facility that has a focus on physical and occupational therapy with equipment- so she will work on daily tasks such as getting in and out of a vehicle, showering alone, walking on uneven ground, etc. While the Washington Care Center doesn't look like anything special on the inside, the folks working there are really compassionate people who are ready to work with mom on her goals. There is a nutritionist that personally would like to help mom get her appetite back eating foods that she likes. She is not required to order off of the menu there and her nutritionist is willing to cook her personalized meals. That being said, my mom can't eat foods that have been made at restaurants. So if you decide that you would like to bring her a meal, please personally make it- if it has anything uncooked make sure that the veggies and fruits are washed thoroughly. Her immune system is going through it right now so we need to be hyper careful. She likes little easy things to eat right now and isn't eating many meals. Hoping that changes in her chemo break so that she can get lots of good quality calories in her to fuel her next 21 days pedal to the metal. Ideas for food for her: frozen meals, smoothies, crackers, protein bars (she likes pro bars-doesn't like the cashew kind- and the bulletproof collagen bars), and she is into plain san Pellegrino. Thank you so much for being so helpful through this process- I don't know what I would do without all of the support. Love to all.

Special Notes: 

Please do not bring flowers while she is staying at Swedish. There are folks on the oncology floor that have allergies to plants and their immune systems are already compromised. If you feel like bringing my mom a lil something, she is really into strawberry protein Odwalla's and Harmless Harvest coconut water (the pink kind). There is a Whole Foods 2 blocks down the street from the hospital. Parking can be a bit tricky at the hospital. You can park in the garage, the max they charge is $15.00/day. Street parking is available as well. I would often park on Marion St. If you have any questions text me! (206) 979-8916