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Support for Bos(s) Baby, Declyn Doornbos

Dallas, PA


On Saturday, September 18, 2021, Jess Doornbos posted this to her Facebook: “It is hard to believe but we are here again asking for prayers for our newest addition after a rough entrance. Declyn James, born 9/17/21 at 10:20 AM, 6 lbs., 13 oz and 20” long. He spent his first 7 minutes on this earth with no heartbeat until the amazing neonatal team brought him back to us. He was life flighted to Danville NICU and will be receiving hypothermic therapy for 72 hours to reduce chances of long term brain damage after being lifeless for so long. He has already made some progress since his arrival and is no longer intubated, breathing on his own, sucking on a binky, and is moving his little arms and legs normally. We are hopeful he will be our second miracle story, just like his sister.” Declyn is Jess and Dane Doornbos’s second baby to spend time in Geisinger Danville’s NICU after being life flighted from Wyoming Valley; his older sister, Rowyn, made the trip in April 2018 after being born with her umbilical cord around her neck and scoring a 2 on the Apgar scale. None of us expected Jess and Dane to have to make that journey again and we certainly didn’t expect it to be even scarier with Declyn. Declyn truly is a fighter, just like Rowyn and their older brother, Gavyn. You can already see in his eyes that he’s going to be a smart cookie like them, too. But, right now, he’s staying in the NICU while he’s monitored for signs of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or HIE and trying to gain weight. Because Declyn’s discharge from the hospital isn’t set, Jess and Dane continue to drive the hour and a half there and back every day to spend time with him as well as trying to balance giving Gavyn and Rowyn the time and attention they need. They are genuinely rock star parents and in spite of the stress and fear, all three of their children know how loved they are all the time. Recently, people have been asking them or me if there is anything they need. In the midst of times like this, it’s hard to ask for specific things, even though they know the offers are genuine. That’s where this page comes in. Please feel free to send them a gift or just share the page with others or simply send them prayers and good vibes. They appreciate all the love.

Special Notes

Due to their difficult schedule and the ongoing pandemic, the family isn’t ready for visitors at this time. However, I know they will smile at any and all well-wishes. If you’d like to do something for one of the kids specifically, here is their info: Gavyn, age 6, loves superheroes, games (especially chess), and is an excellent reader. Rowyn, age 3, loves unicorns, princesses, and is a bit of a chocoholic. Declyn’s nursery is Baby Yoda (Grogu) themed.