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Hyatt Family Cancer Crushers (Erica's Journey)

Huntertown, IN


We started this page to reach the community surrounding the Hyatt Family.  From Germany, to Hawaii, Fort Wayne, to Colorado, the support has been immense in prayers and well wishes.  Many people have asked how to help this family of 6 (four kids under 8) and this page will provide multiple resources in supplying them with meals, local resources, and other areas.   Erica will be getting chemo every 3 weeks, for 6 rounds starting Feb. 23, 2021.  This will take the family into early June.  Once Chemo is finished, she will have some form of surgery, 6 weeks of radiation, follow up reconstruction, and then a remaining infusion treatment until January of 2022.  In all, its a year almost a year and a half journey.    Ryan will have support from family, friends,church, and neighbors in helping with the kids, and is so thankful to live in a generous community.    

Special Notes

Notes on meals, restaurants, groceries, etc: No food allergies to note. To avoid confusion, and additional dish duty, please prepare meals in disposable or non-returnable containers.  (Family won't be able to keep track of other people's dishes/containers) Additional meals have been requested for Chemo treatment weeks to help with off-set the burden of meal planning. Family is not entirely picky and enjoys comfort food, basic american fanfare food, but branch out and like trying different things.     InstaCart available in local area (Aldi/Kroger/Meijer) Gift Card ideas: Bob Evans, Chik-fil-A, Texas Road House, Panera Bread, Casa Grille (Dupont Rd), Salsa Grille. Chipotle, Q house, Nine House, Shigs n' Pit,  Family Friendly Meal Ideas: Bag of Chicken Nuggets Bag of Fish Sticks Taco Kit (chicken/ground beef) Sandwich Kit (sub stuff, variety of meats) Veggie Tray Fruit Salad (berries, grapes, apples) Bunch of bananas Salad Kits/Salad bar(caesar salad, bacon ranch, blue cheese mix) Spaghetti or Baked Pastas  Frozen Pizzas Charcuterie Board Variety (crackers, cheese,meats) Casseroles or sheet pan meals (skillets) La Croix for drinks Skim Milk   

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