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Share the Love for Marlou and Debbie

Westfield, IN


Marlou and Debbie have faced a long and uncertain path for many years as they navigated Marlou's journey with Primary Progressive MS. It was a difficult future to deal with, but they did it with grace. This month, it was discovered that Marlou now has terminal cancer. After so many years of doctors, tests, and visits, she decided to make this part of life about enjoying it. Marlou is not seeking treatment for the cancer and has entered into hospice so that she can be at home and comfortable. Their children have created this page to try to provide some support to them in this difficult time. They don't know what the coming months will look like, but I hope they can focus on enjoying each other and their family. I hope that we can come together to take the weight of the mundane off of them. So many love them and have been personally touched by their kindness and generosity over the years. It seems right that we return that love to them in this time. This page is a starting point to offer an action you can take if you feel compelled to ask "what can I do?" or "how can I help?" Thank you for your love and support of them and the entire family.

Special Notes

Although they are SO appreciative of your love and support, due to COVID and Debbie not yet having her second vaccine, they are asking not to have visitors at this time. Once she has her second vaccine for a bit, they will let us know when they are up for visitors, but will ask that only those that are fully vaccinated against COVID do so. FOOD NOTES: They do not eat a lot of pasta. They do enjoy fresh salads.

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