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Help Support Jamie

Columbus, OH


This safe space for supporting Jamie is a page created so that her community of friends and family can offer support in whatever way they can or want to as she moves through the grief of losing her husband, Adam. It’s a place to make sure Jamie knows how loved and held she is by those in her world and that we are here during this challenging time. The beagle boys will need love, too, as they adjust and process the loss of their person. If you feel pulled to contribute in any way, please do, from coffee delivery services, financial support for food to keep Jamie’s energy up, or general needs via the Amazon list as she works through housing and stabilizing as much as she can. This is a difficult time for anyone who knew and loved Adam and this is a safe space to grieve, but please focus on lifting Jamie and the boys with kind words and support during this time. We know that not everyone can cook or has the physical energy to clean, but this page is a way to offer some suggestions of how we can support Jamie and the beagle boys in whatever way feels right for you. Maybe it's getting a gift card for her to order in dinner, maybe it's cooking dinner, maybe it's donating to one of Adam's favorite charities, maybe it's just leaving a kind word in the discussion section. No act of compassion can ever be too small.

Special Notes

Jamie is temporarily staying in Worthington at a friend's house. She will be selling the Centerburg house to move closer to her community of family and friends more central to Columbus to support her and the dogs during this time. For Food Notes: Jamie is vegetarian. She also has a sweet tooth. (Especially cupcakes and chocolate.) She is a Starbucks coffee fan. (Nitro cold brew with sweet cream) Cruelty-free self-care products would also be welcomed. Donations in Adam’s memory are welcome at: -CHA Animal Shelter Or (note Adam Orebaugh in the memo) -Hospets Link to Adam’s Legacy Emergency Fund:

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