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Nom Nom's for Tommy's Crew

Emrald Isle, NC


Katie & I worked alongside Holly at the Wilmington Sam's Club and became very close friends. Throughout our years of friendship, I have grown to love and simply adore their families and consider them an extension of my own. While Tommy was courageously fighting his battle with cancer, Holly put her life on pause to spend every waking minute tending to his needs and spending as much time as possible at her father's side. Her brothers joined as well and they gave him grace and dignity as he passed from this weakened earth-side body into his fully restored, healthy and strong heavenly body. Their family battled alongside him quietly and gave him the peace he needed to have those final memories with his children and grandchildren. I have told Holly Throughout her dad's illness that she has given him the ultimate gift a child can give a parent in this situation. Peace and love. This page has been created to alleviate the burden of meal making, planning meals and as much stress added to a grieving family as possible, so that they may just spend their time together and process their incredibly painful loss in their own time and way. Holly has been known to step in and step up for so many. Not for attention, not for the praise, but simply because it's put on her heart to help others. I would love nothing more than for her friends, family, co-workers and anyone in between to show her family some love in any way you can. Many wouldn't know this, but I do... while she was juggling the growing needs of her dad Tommy, she never failed to have a hot meal on the table for her family. No matter how exhausted or overwhelmed, this was important to her. Please join me in this effort to allow them to sit down and break bread together without breaking their backs, running to the grocery store and planning. Just a simple task to be taken off their plate at this time.

Special Notes

As I know many folks are far away, please feel free to utilize doordash, grubhub & Uber options, or even the Visa option so they can order a pizza from their favorite local joint or a restaurant that may not utilize the above named delivery services.

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