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Keely, Matt, and the Triplets

Indianapolis, IN


Keely was admitted to the hospital on Friday, October 1st so the triplets and herself could be monitored. The triplets are considered severe growth restricted and they are smaller than they should be so the doctors want to closely monitor everything until they are born. Keely's blood pressure is a little elevated so they are watching that as well to make sure she does not get preeclampsia. We are not 100% sure on when they will be born. It could be any day but they need a lot of prayers right now to make sure the babies can grow and get stronger. With a long road in the NICU for the babies, Keely and Matt will need some help. Let's get them some gift cards to their favorite places and provide as much comfort as we can for them.

Special Notes

Favorite restaurants - Starbucks, Chick - fil - a, Dunkin Donuts, Luciana's, Door Dash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Favorite Stores for Groceries - Target, Meijer, Trader Joes